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The Class of 1993


Each year we see a new class of stars appear on the country music horizon. Sometimes an artist will have a huge hit right off the bat, and other times it may take an album or two. The stars listed as the "Class of 1993" are those that made their first impact on country music in that year.

Tracy Byrd - 'Tracy Byrd'

Tracy Byrd - Tracy Byrd
Tracy Byrd's self-titled debut album is highlighted by the No. 1 single, the steel-infused honky tonk classic "Holdin' Heaven." Other great tracks include the two-steppin' favorite "That's the Thing About a Memory," and the steel-soaked song of confession, "Why," and the country waltz duet with Dawn Sears, "Out of Control Raging Fire," which was later covered by Patty Loveless and Travis Tritt, on Patty's Mountain Soul CD.

Faith Hill - 'Take Me As I Am'

Faith Hill - 'Take Me As I Am'
Warner Nashville
This is Faith's debut album, which has currently sold two times platinum. Along with the four singles that were released from this album, the mid-tempo "Take Me As I Am," the spunky "Wild One," the sensitive ballad "But I Will" and the Janis Joplin cover "Piece of my Heart," there are other great tunes, such as the touching duet with Larry Stewart, "I've Got This Friend," and the quietly reflective "I Would Be Stronger Than That."

Toby Keith - 'Toby Keith'

Toby Keith - 'Toby Keith'
Mercury Nashville
Before Toby Keith sang about "putting a boot in your ass," he sang songs that showed off his wonderful voice. As a singer/songwriter, he used his own work on this debut, which featured some of the most played songs of the early 1990s. The guitar-driven "Should've Been a Cowboy" lamented about the days when men had the cowboy ethic. The regretful "Wish I Didn't Know Now" told the story of a man looking back at his relationship, and wishing he was still ignorant of the things that went wrong with them. Again, this features strong guitar, but touches of pedal steel are integrated in the song as well.

Little Texas - 'Big Time'

Little Texas - 'Big Time'
Warner Nashville
With the three biggest hits and their only multi-platinum record to date, Big Time is Little Texas' best album and a great indication of what type of band they were. The lovely ballad "What Might Have Been" shows off those superb harmonies that Little Texas has always excelled in. Brady Seals takes over the lead on the pop-country ballad "My Love," and the honky tonk trademark song "God Blessed Texas" filled with fiddle, guitar, and a pounding percussion line, has fans, especially those in Texas singing along with pride and affection.

Clay Walker - 'Clay Walker'

Clay Walker - 'Clay Walker'
The biggest hit off the CD almost didn't happen at all. The guitar-heavy "Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open" wasn't going be a single, but after being attached to the movie Thing Called Love the song was released, and went on to top the charts. The song is one that got the fans up two-steppin' on the dance floor. Another upbeat track can be found in "What's It To You." This one has a heavy guitar-driven honky tonk sound. "Where Do I Fit in the Picture" is a steel-soaked country weeper, as Clay laments his lost love on the day of her wedding.
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