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Top 10 Top Picks - Essential Vince Gill


Vince Gill started out with the group Pure Praire League, before going solo as a country artist in the mid-80s. He had his first Top 5 song in 1987 with "Cinderella," but really had his biggest chart successes in the 1990s, with 20 Top 10 songs, including 5 Number Ones. Vince is one of the most awarded country artists around, and an all-around nice guy. Here are the Top 10 Essential Vince CDs every country fan should have in their collection.

1. When I Call Your Name

When I Call Your Name
“When I Call Your Name” was Vince’s first album for MCA Records and nearly 15 years after it’s release it still stands out as one of his career highlights. Any artist who can say that is the epitome of a star.

2. I Still Believe in You

I Still Believe In You
The third in a series of classic albums from Vince Gill, “I Still Believe In You” is also one of the fan favorites. It has five mega hits featured on it with the album “filler” often rivaling the classiness of the hits. Fans who don’t own this CD should, it’s a definition of a classic CD.

3. Pocket Full of Gold

Released in 1991, 'Pocket Full of Gold' contains four Top 10 songs, with "Look at Us," (#4), "Take Your Memory With You," (#2), the title cut (#7), and "Liza Jane," (#7).
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4. I Never Knew Lonely

This was one of Vince's more pop-oriented albums. It contains the singles "Everybody's Sweetheart," (#11), the title cut, (#3), and "True Love," (#32).
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5. Souvenirs

When you think of Vince Gill, what is the first song that comes to mind? Is it too hard to pick just one? Well I think you're right. "Souvenirs" is a collection of Vince Gill's first four CDs from MCA.

6. The Key

“The Key” was Vince Gill’s return to the kind of country that made him famous in the first place. Sure he’d always had pop overtones, but the man knew is way around a traditional country song. “The Key” wasn’t Vince’s biggest commercial success but it certainly is one of his most pleasing efforts.

7. When Love Finds You

“When Love Finds You” is a whopper of a country album. It has everything that made Vince a star that he was in the 1990’s. His passionate vocals and expert guitar playing were aided by an uncanny ability to write songs that touch the heart.

8. High Lonesome Sound

“High Lonesome Sound” featured some of Vince’s best written songs while also allowing him the time to explore new songs and themes. This is one album that should be checked out for it is one fine collection of music.

9. Next Big Thing

Vince Gill has put out another incredible CD on the MCA label. His name can be found in the writing credits of each and every song. Some songs he co-wrote and others he wrote solo. The CD opens with the fun and up-beat lyrics of Vince's current single, "Next Big Thing" and closes with a beautiful love song. Most of the songs in between are more or less the classic Vince Gill ballads that we know and love.

10. Breath of Heaven

This beautiful collection of Christmas favorites are done in a smooth orchestrated style which shows off Vince's awesome tenor perfectly. This is a collection of songs that people young and old will enjoy. All but the title cut are songs that are Christmas standards. The title was written by Vince's wife, Amy Grant.
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