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Top 5 Top 5 Recommended Artists If you Like Pat Green


Pat Green started his musical career in the great state of Texas, and his popularity garnered him a major label record deal. If you are a big fan of Pat Green, chances are you will like a few of the suggested artists below. Some artists are friends, while some were great influences.

1. Roger Creager - Live Across Texas

Pat Green often writes and performs songs with a tinge of humor in them, and that part of his personality reminds me of Roger Creager. Songs like "Mother's A Redneck Too" and "The Everclear Song" can't go unnoticed. Not only is Roger a great singer, but he is also a spectacular live performer - just like Pat Green.

2. Jack Ingram - Live: Wherever You Are

Like Pat Green, Jack Ingram is an artist who has found some success in the national spotlight after being known only to those keeping up with the Texas scene. Jack was signed recently to Toby Keith's label, Show Dog Nashville. His first release for the label was "Live Wherever You Are."

3. Robert Earl Keen - What I Really Mean

Robert Earl Keen also had a heavy influence on Pat Green and many other singer/songwriters in the business. He has a loyal community of fans, which is something Pat Green is also fortunate enough to have. The humor in his songs are slipped in there without having to sound like he tried hard when writing them.

4. Cory Morrow - Nothing Left To Hide

Cory Morrow and Pat Green have been friends for years, even releasing an album ("Songs We Wish We'd Written") together in 2001. That album brought the two together to sing songs written by other singer/songwriters. Cory Morrow is popular in the college bar circuit in the state of Texas and his songwriting is similiar to Pat's.
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5. Jerry Jeff Walker - Best of the Rest

If you are a fan of Pat Green and have not heard Jerry Jeff Walker's music before, you really should. After all, this is one of Pat Green's musical influences. He is also an influence to many other Texas and more mainstream country singers because of the songs he has written.
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